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Global Initiatives

Project Arwa


Our Project Arwa programme includes multiple agents and organisations dedicated to supporting Muslim women facing gender-based violence and inequalities. Alongside our partners, we host events, facilitate discussions and design initiatives globally. 

Youth Warriors 

We are breaking the generational trauma of gender inequalities by providing the next generation with the tools and access required to lead towards Agenda 2030. We use gender-transformative approaches to empower young people to lead social justice. We can end the cycle of silence and oppression on marginalised women and young people through advocacy and unity. 

Sisters In Solidarity

S.I.S is our monthly conversations where we highlight the everyday experiences of women and girls from all over the world. Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate and humanise the many unsaid experiences of women and girls who face multiple challenges. 


We hope to end the stigma around the issues we all experience and create unity against these injustices.

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