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Voicing Voices isn’t just a consultancy firm, but a multilevel space to assess the issues and difficult conversations we struggle to hold.

We are focused on SDG 5 and women empowerment because women are a powerful contribution to development.

They don't merely survive.


Evolution is a woman. Look at her cycle and the way it adapts to circumstances that rip it apart, a woman gives birth to LIFE.

She IS life. Life is made from her. Yet a woman doesn't always have access to that life.

Irrespective of our age, our backgrounds and circumstances, our experiences are so intertwined.

Our self-esteem for instance, in the face of adversity, self-esteem can become captivated by the inferior complex cage. We can be so perfect in everyone's eyes, we can have it certified in black and white and yet we can still self-doubt.

We have such high expectations of ourselves and how we should be for the world, but why is the bar so low when it comes to us being at the receiving end?

''It's okay''. ''I am fine''. It's not a big deal''.

So common for us to brush aside what we deserve, avoiding the void that keeps away our happiness and basic needs being met

Where is the self-love when we look in that mirror, replaying war words in our minds that have no place in the holy space of our womanhood. We can be thieves to ourselves, when we take and steal and not return gratitude to the value of our existence.

We are the invaluable gold, we are the strength, we are the light this earth needs. Humanity cannot survive without mother nature.

THAT means this world NEEDS women.

It is a honour to have heard the stories, felt the experiences and connected with the communities that are working towards voicing their voices.

We will grow from everything and we will stand with grace and in a light that shines brighter than ever before.

We thrive, we win and we keep going.

Thank you to all those that have paved the way.

We are now paying it forward.

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