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The Youth Need Us

What an incredible week with #THIMUNQATAR.

I felt so honoured by how Voicing Voices was received in the workshops and webinars I facilitated, I have been motivated by the feedback and most importantly, it has highlighted to us how there is a great need to voice the voices of our youth and marginalised communities.

However, there are so many factors hindering them from progressing towards their goals and ambitions. Mental health and self-belief is a major factor that has appeared in our research, conversations and feedback from young change-makers.

Getting young people involved in global issues is something the global community has started focussing on only in the past decade or so. Take THIMUN Qatar for example which started in 2011 as a joint project with the THIMUN Foundation. In the space of 9 years, they've supported thousands of young people both in Qatar and internationally. They've provided training towards the sustainable development goals, connected young people with organisations and networks.

As a result, Qatar is now leading in this field within the Middle East region and the youth movement has been powerful due to all the initiatives the government, in particular Qatar Foundation, has provided for its community.

They recognised that for us to truly invest in the youth we need to support them with resources, opportunities and a chance to show that there is power in listening to their ideas, creativity and passion.

We still have a long way to go but I am proud to see what we have been able to accomplish so far.

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